Extreme Cream

Extreme OG marries Exotics cookies and cream, what follows is this beastly strain, Extreme Cream. Producing heavily on multiple tops. Its flavor of that is a creamy smooth fuel. Producing large [...]

Lemon Meringue

This strain blends a Lemon Skunk mother and a male from the award winning Cookies and Cream. Aromas of lemon meringue pie bring to life this strain's name. Small to medium dense rock like buds [...]

Hawiian Dutch

Hawaiian Dutch is a Sativa dominant strain that is lime green in color. Mostly large dense buds perfectly coated with trichomes. With a citrus taste, and strong dutchy stank. This strain provides [...]

Orange Cream

Orange Cream is a 60:40 indica-dominant strain. It has bright green leaves with orange hair and a crystalline outlook. Orange cream is a cross between Orange Crush and Ice Cream. The aroma of [...]


Ambrosia (50/50% Hybrid) Seeding from her parents, God Bud and Burmese, the Ambrosia strain is a high that will hit you instantaneously and be felt throughout your entire body. Her mother, [...]

Sugar Plum

Sugar Plum is a cross between Berkeley Blues and Hawaiian Haze Plum. It is a deep tropical sweet purple flavor with a strong stone and a tall narrow silhouette that is almost spindly with long [...]

Snow Leopard

Snow Leopard is a deadly 4 way cross of Chem d, a landrace Uzbekistani hashplant, Afgooey, and Blockhead. Rich tropical perfume sweet abundant colas dripping in resin, with mango, citrus, and [...]

Pure Afghan

The Pure Afghan is an exclusive landrace strain from the Mazari Sharif region of Afghanistan. This 100% Indica has a potent ability to make you happy, relaxed, and finally sleepy. A rare and [...]