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Deepwater Botanicals flower is always grown indoors to maintain total control of the growing environment, augmented with Co2 to provide better plant respiration, 10 day flush for the smoothest smoke, dried whole to preserve flavor profiles, and hand trimmed to ensure the highest quality.

Extreme Cream

Extreme OG marries Exotics cookies and cream, what follows is this beastly strain, Extreme Cream. Producing heavily on multiple tops. Its flavor of that is a creamy smooth fuel. Producing large [...]

Lemon Meringue

This strain blends a Lemon Skunk mother and a male from the award winning Cookies and Cream. Aromas of lemon meringue pie bring to life this strain's name. Small to medium dense rock like buds [...]

Hawiian Dutch

Hawaiian Dutch is a Sativa dominant strain that is lime green in color. Mostly large dense buds perfectly coated with trichomes. With a citrus taste, and strong dutchy stank. This strain provides [...]

Orange Cream

Orange Cream is a 60:40 indica-dominant strain. It has bright green leaves with orange hair and a crystalline outlook. Orange cream is a cross between Orange Crush and Ice Cream. The aroma of [...]


Ambrosia (50/50% Hybrid) Seeding from her parents, God Bud and Burmese, the Ambrosia strain is a high that will hit you instantaneously and be felt throughout your entire body. Her mother, [...]

Sugar Plum

Sugar Plum is a cross between Berkeley Blues and Hawaiian Haze Plum. It is a deep tropical sweet purple flavor with a strong stone and a tall narrow silhouette that is almost spindly with long [...]

Snow Leopard

Snow Leopard is a deadly 4 way cross of Chem d, a landrace Uzbekistani hashplant, Afgooey, and Blockhead. Rich tropical perfume sweet abundant colas dripping in resin, with mango, citrus, and [...]

Pure Afghan

The Pure Afghan is an exclusive landrace strain from the Mazari Sharif region of Afghanistan. This 100% Indica has a potent ability to make you happy, relaxed, and finally sleepy. A rare and [...]

  • Deepwater Botanicals has been a reliable and communicative partner since we have opened. Their prices are reasonable and their staff is amazing.

    Michael Newman
    Michael NewmanPurple Haze Purchasing Manager
  • The Sugar Plum! One of our top sellers here at High Society in Anacortes, Perfect sativa flower that will jumpstart your day into a great mood once the smoke hits your lungs. This one also has a sweet scent and taste to it as you can imagine by its name.
    MoiManager - High Society
  • Sugar plum is a very hard quick hitting sativa. I never tried this before I bought this 2 gram bag and I fell for her head over heels. This has been my favorite strain for about 2 weeks now. The smell is really sweet almost candy like. Very nice and subtle. The taste is sweet and earthy. The high is very strong and very quick to hit it's peak. After about the third exhale I'm already high and continuing to climb. The high last at least three and a half hours and is amazing the entire time.

    RaleLeafly Reviewer
  • Deepwater products are great quality, very nice with a great head or body high.  Very clean, and great terpene profile.  I really like how you take pride in your products to try and better the store sales.  My #1 favorite vendor!

    BeccaBudtender @ Diamond Green
  • The Deepwater purps is something to drool about! Dense nugs, with deep purple roots coming from bellingham has a nice body buzz for me. Love the sweet smell of it and how it smokes. We love deepwater here in skagit, our locals love them and so does anyone who comes across them.

    MoiHigh Society - Anacortes WA
  • I could smell the thin-mints in the PGS unlike any other cookie strain I've tried.

    ChrisPurchasing Manager @ Cannabis City
  • I smoke oil every day, and the Pure Afghan flower knocked me out.

    Purchasing Manager - Cannabis City

We are very excited to be pioneers in the first legal recreational cannabis industry.

How to find our buds

Look for Deepwater Botanicals at your local 502 establishment using our handy mapping tool. If you can’t find us, ask for it by name! Also let us know which location you’d like to see our products and we will see about getting Deepwater Botanicals onto their shelves. We absolutely love working with retailers to make sure they have the best product available for all their customers.

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